Don’t be scared, come here and experience the best!

Career Fly(CF) : Thank You for your time today Phát san.
To start the interview today, how did you find a company in Japan from Vietnam without knowing the language?

Phát(P) : I found Share-Wis through a Vietnamese job portal.

CF: Are IT jobs popular in Vietnam? What kind of jobs are popular in Japan for Vietnamese people?

P: There is a good number of Vietnamese people in Japan. They even conduct IT tech events for the Vietnamese population in Tokyo. So I assume IT jobs are pretty popular. Many engineers wish to work here.

CF: So did you have any idea about Japan before coming here? Where you a bit scared?

P : I didn’t have much idea and was a bit scared. Before moving here, I read some Mangas. Through it, I got some information about Japan, and was inspired to come here.

CF: Which manga is your favorite?

P: I like Pokemon. Lol. It’s pretty famous in Vietnam. I have also heard about various Pokemon festivals which I want to attend in the future.

CF: Did you have some connection with Japan or with any Japanese company earlier?

P : Yes, before moving I had worked for a Japanese company in Vietnam. They were very cooperative & prepared me for my journey with a new Japanese company in Japan.

CF: Have you worked with any Vietnamese company also? What difference did you see?

P: I had a good experience with a Vietnamese company. They gave me a lot of freedom to work. I was the first engineer in that company and still, they trusted me a lot. I appreciate that, even though the work was challenging they believed in me.

CF: Now, you are with Share-Wis, can you tell us more about your work here?

P : I am a sub-engineer here. My team is small but international with two more people: a Brazilian & a Japanese. Soon, more engineers(international) will join. Here, I am involved in many projects and handle a huge amount of data daily.

CF: Being such an international team how smooth is the communication with all the members?

P: Everybody in my team knows English, so we mostly communicate in English. However, we are also trying to learn Japanese, for day to day life in Japan.

CF: Since your team is growing what are your future plans within this company?

P: To make my team more international by bringing in engineers with diverse backgrounds & also to learn Japanese. Lol. Learning Japanese definitely helps in daily life.

CF: You mentioned you are learning Japanese, so which part of learning the language is difficult?

P : For me, it’s the grammar part difficult. I have learned Chinese, so Kanji is not a problem for me.

CF: You mentioned that you have studied Chinese as well, then why you choose a Japanese firm over a Chinese?

P: Because Japanese companies are more technologically advanced. And Share-wis approached me first. Lol.

CF: Some of our job-seeking candidates want to work with a Japanese company but remotely. They are little hesitant to come here. So you being in Japan for so long, can you inspire them to actually come to Japan and work here.

P : I understand, most people are afraid to come here because of the language barrier. I wish to tell them that I am doing pretty fine without learning the language, so they can also manage. “Don’t be scared, come here and experience the best”. Shopping here is fun because of multiple convenience stores. And people can communicate in English in those stores. However, I am a bit scared to go to restaurants alone.

CF: How has been your journey in Japan so far. And what about Japanese food, do you like it?

P: Initially my company helped me a lot for my governmental work, bank accounts & accommodation. I like it here. Japan has more numbers of parks & sightseeing places as compared to Vietnam. I go out mostly on all weekends.
I love the food here as there are many Vietnamese restaurants in Osaka.

CF: Do you wish to stay in Japan for long or to explore more countries?

P: I don’t want to explore more countries and wish to stay here longer.

CF : What are your future plans within the company and outside the company?

P: Within share-wis: I wish to make the code better and beautiful which improves the overall company system.
Outside the company: I wish to become a good Senior developer for which I need to study a lot & have strong fundamentals. Keep learning & improving is my motto.

CF: Can you become a senior developer in Share-wis?

P : Yes, why not, I can fulfill my dream with this company to be a senior developer.

CF: Do you mean, you wish to become a Team leader someday. What kind of leader do you aim to become?

P: I wish to be a leader who encourages all his colleagues to achieve their full potential.

CF: Do you stay till late in the office?

P : I usually leave office by 7. I don’t have to stay for long in the office. Share-Wis is a good company to work for. It is somewhat flexible. The company doesn’t require you have to be present in the office all the time, as long as you can get the jobs done

CF : Any message for future co-workers who are joining your team.

: Company is really friendly & helpful. We will help you settle down well in Osaka.
And please study Japanese while waiting for your visa. We are a small team with a lot of challenges and scope for improvement. You will be empowered here a lot.

CF: Thank You Phát San for your time today & telling us about your professional journey in Osaka, Japan. 

(On the left side)Career Fly Richa, (Right above)Career Fly Tomomi, 
(On the right side) Share Wis Phát Duong San.

Phát Duong San is from Vietnam. He is currently working with ShareWis – an education technology company, as a software engineer. Share-Wis is Osaka based company. He is one of the few engineers who are building their careers in Japan.