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Create uniqueness with STEMinists!

Create uniqueness with QUANTITY

Women in STEM field are prospering and majoring in their field in many countries around the world.
In Japan, there is shortage of workers in IT field, by hiring STEM women can be the solution for this issue. Currently, developing countries such as Myanmar, Brunei, Vietnam, India have many women who choose their major in STEM field.
Reflecting to Japan’s slow process of cultivation STEM field candidates, it is much essential and urgently needed to hire these talented candidates.

Create uniqueness with QUALITY

Putting diversity into the corporate culture

STEMinist and their uniqueness can bring drastic change to your corporate culture, employee’s awareness.

Innovating an existing businesses!

New technology and knowledge of STEM field, new business routes can be established.
※ASEAN occupy many STEMinists in their nations.

Contributing to making the strongest organization

Starting off by hiring only one unique candidate can be the stepping stone for Japanese companies to advance into overseas.

Our Hiring Services

Mid-career Candidates Recruiting

Our database consist of 85 countries and 5000 women in STEM field.

Our candidates are international women.
We also gather our candidates from overseas and
specifically from developing countries to support their career in Japan.

We have resourced many candidates skilled junior engineers possessing
high potential with a scientific background.

A large number of the candidates are junior generations aged 22-34.
These candidates can be expected to grow in the future, and produce human resources who will lead the next generation. We also have a large number of engineers as well.
A pool includes technical personnel such as development engineers, PM/PL, and web development engineers. We also have abundant global HR personnel who contribute to the strategic implementation of overseas sales for expanding slopes and strengthening global personnel recruitment.

IT Engineer Roles

The lack of engineers in Japanese IT firms is severe. Under the current circumstances, where the fostering of engineers in Japan is not keeping up with demand, experienced international talent is highly valued as an immediate asset.

Mechanical Engineer Roles

Within the field of mechanical engineering, the scarcity of technicians is becoming a talking point. The roles we can introduce you to are mainly centred around engineering related to integration essential to the evolution of the Internet of Things, and engineering with a specialised background in mechatronics or CAD based machinery.

Global HR

For Japanese companies that have started to undertake the hiring of international employees, the execution of an efficient hiring process, from start to finish, is essential. Where there are countries who pour their efforts into the employment process, the foremost strategy for Japanese firms is to hire those people with specialised experience in HR.

Global Sales

Within the sales strategies of companies that market their products or services overseas, international employees should be managing sales or business development; their full understanding of their country’s sales customs and culture is extremely advantageous.

Fresh graduates Recruiting

Companies can hire excellent fresh IT graduates from while being in Japan!

We can’t hire new graduates.

Every year it gets difficult to hire new IT graduates.

Our service of the fresh graduates recruiting can solve these problems!

What is campus recruiting service for new graduates?

Our service enables to hire excellent new graduates with proper IT skills and Japanese skills whom we carefully selected from India and Myanmar’s Engineering University.
Career Fly’s service can sum up in these words casual and simple! Our service definitely contribute to the saving up time and expenses of hiring as there is no need to go visit the local country

At Mandalay Technological University, Myanmar
Photo of company information session being held at Institute of Science and Technology in India
How is it possible to hire directly from engineer universities?

・Career Fly’s local staff holds company information session within the university

・Company and student communication is held and implemented online

・Determined to strengthened by implementing skill test and proficiency test to measure to IT engineers’ skill

Our university as partners

St.Joseph’s College of Engineering the other 3 universities

Mandalay Technological University

Coding test, Aptitude test being implemented

Preparation Service

You can find the exact candidate you are looking for!

What is CQI aptitude test which is aimed at international workers?

How do we find and determine what kind of candidate fits the best for us?

How do we help them grow accustomed to the company after joining?

These worries can be solved by this CQI aptitude test!
This test can be sued to determine the candidate’s propensity to succeed in fitting to Japanese corporate culture, cross-cultural understanding. (Our patent is pending)
These can be reflected to use for hiring planning, screening, deciding to assign a department to training planning.

What is CQI aptitude test?

This test is for international people to determine their adaptability of cross culture. The test was developed by Aim Soul Co Ltd and Tokyo University’s psychology experts.
Up until now, cross cultural understanding and adaptability skill could be only determined by interview, by implementing CQI aptitude test can also bring more understanding to both parties.

The test can be implemented under these scenarios.

・We want to hire candidates who fit our company’s culture

・We want to determine their adaptability skills

・While deciding which department to assign the candidate

・Training plans after joining the company

Follow up service for international candidates after joining the company

We support our candidates after they had joined a company to avoid misunderstanding, early leave. Our training contents include business Japanese, Japanese culture understanding (manner), day-to-day lifestyle information sharing etc.

Retention Service

Use this system if you would like to avoid international workers leaving your company!

Exchange channel 196 for international worker’s retention

We spent a lot on hiring but there are no improvement…

Our management for international worker’s are not doing so well..

There is no end to the worries of companies accepting international employees. On the other hand, although international employees who joined the company would like to get used to the company sooner, there are various problems such as understanding different cultures and feeling impatience and anxiousness compared to using their native language every day.

What is Exchange Channel 196?

This is an educational system tool to be introduced by the company. An educational system that allows you to browse video educational contents for solving problems of both parties and easily learn anytime, anywhere.

Contents included in the system

For Japanese nationals: understanding different cultures, communication to foreign nationals TIPS (by nationality), knowledge of religion, Japanese used for foreign nationals, Global etiquette (protocol), etc.
For international employees: Understanding Japanese corporate culture, unique Japanese business manners, communication methods with Japanese people, business Japanese, etc. *included over 100 types of content.

Troubled bulletin board

If you have existing hardware (PC windows/mac, tablet, smartphone), you can use it immediately. The system function has a “Q & A” bulletin board, so you can consult with an expert in a timely manner. We have posted on the bulletin board such concerns that communication with international employees is not working well. The Career fly staff will advise you within 24 hours.


Frequently asked questions by HR department

  • Q

    How much is the commission fee?

    At our company, 35% of theoretical annual income + 100,000 yen (offer lump-sum payment) is received as an introduction fee.

    The offer lump-sum payment is 200,000 yen when job seekers accept the job offer and mutually agree to join the company.
    Of this, 100,000 yen will be used for education and support costs for job seekers to join the company in perfect condition.

    Business Japanese, acquisition of manners, life preparation, etc. Since the remaining 100,000 yen is a deposit, we will deduct 100,000 yen from the 35% fee when we can confirm that the job seeker has joined the company.
    We also have a refund system. Please contact us for more information.

  • Q

    What are the main reasons for international talent resignation?

    It really is same as Japanese workers. If the worker has left the company at an early stage, it is obvious that the company and the candidate weren’t compatible.

    No matter how many interviews were held, preparation of internship was implemented, there are differences felt when they are working together as a result, it causes early leaving the company. This is not only because of the worker is international talents.

    We at Career Fly also support and give out proper information to avoid these types of issues happening by implementing CQI test, conducting extensive research of foreign nationals cross-cultural understanding as well.

    As for the international talents who want to leave their company after working for a long time, their reasons are the same as Japanese workers.

    As a span, they tend to start considering their career change by 3,7,12 years. Companies need to constantly come up with their career path, career change with the worker.

  • Q

    Do international talents quit too soon in Japanese companies?

    It depends on the individual’s experiences. There are people who work long and short experience at their companies.

    Compared to Japanese workers, foreign talents do not have the same value of lifetime employment at one company.
    Because of these differences, foreign talents tend to change companies in 2-3 years, due to their values of career path, salary hike, promotion etc. But, as for foreign talent who had changed companies within a year many times, it is deemed to seem like a job hopper. This is the same as other countries as well.

    For companies that want to attract candidates who want to have them work for a longer period, they have common points such as well engagement between the worker and company, career up support, proper communication.

  • Q

    What about language skills?

    There aren’t many international candidates who speak a high level of Japanese. What’s more important is that we ask from the companies what is must requirements (except language skills) for certain positions. If the candidate is fitting with the must requirements, we confirm with the company if it is feasible to consider candidates with conversational Japanese level or native English skills.

    Of course, Career Fly will refer candidates who has Business Japanese skill, but there is a limit to those candidates in the industry we think it is essential to for companies to compromise in certain cases.

    At Career Fly, we do English/Japanese language support.

  • Q

    How do we support them in their day-to-day life?

    The candidates who are already in Japan, they are able to take care of themselves in Japanese culture and environment.

    If your company would like to support their life for the candidates who are coming from their country, please do so such as looking for apartments, picking up from the airport, lifeline support etc.

    Career Fly also can provide some support in finding in an apartment, share house etc for the candidates.

  • Q

    Any tips on how to hire candidates with religious views?

    We recommend to respect their religious views, everyday practice and habits as much as possible.

    It is good idea to confirm it with the candidate first and if they can practice their religious habits during working hours or not.

    For example, if a candidate who follows or practice Islam, the lunchtime in Japanese companies might overlap with their prayer times.

    Please consider arranging space for the candidates with religious views to do their prayers. Prayer times also depend on each person and they would prioritize these practices over any other work-related tasks. It is very important to confirm these with both sides if it is feasible.

  • Q

    How about interviews?

    We recommend to implement online interview. Specifically, those who are not in Japan there is only one option for interviews. Even for those who are already living in Japan, if the interview is conducted online it is very well received.

    We believe it is the best option as there are many competition to acquire excellent candidates. Naturally by implementing online interviews, the hiring process speed would go up.

    Since online interviews have been the only choice due to covid-19, from now on it could be a good opportunity to keep implementing this new way of interviewing.

    Also, there are many companies that would like to have F2F last interview, we take care of it depending on case flexibly.

  • Q

    Is it only international talent who is living in Japan?

    Our data pool consists of half and half of the candidates who reside in Japan and outside of Japan as well.

    Please check our page for detail information for candidates.

    What we would like to share is the candidates who all love Japan and considering working and live here very seriously.

  • Q

    Our company is considering to hire international talents for the first time…

    Hiring international talent starts from considering that! We support the whole cycle from hiring, preparing documents, and to the arrival of the candidate.

    It is proven from our experience a company that wants to aim to create a corporate culture that welcomes any nationality tends to succeed in hiring international talent. In contrast, if the company prioritizes reducing the cost, demanding unrealistically high Japanese skills is not suited to hire international talents.

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are aiming to career fly with international talent!

  • Q

    How do we go with a visa?

    We will support you with visa procedure.

    1. Immigration lawyer’s confirmation
    2. To confirm if it is possible to implement at your company

    As for 1, it is possible to also hire Career Fly’s advisor immigration lawyer with many past successful results of visa application.

    It is also recommended if your company decides to go with your own agency as well. As for the cost, it is estimated around 80,000 — 120,000 yen for 1 candidate.

    As for 2, based on our lawyer’s advice your company can also apply for the procedure as well. Our way of implementing includes, to prepare the necessary documents online on an application called OneVisa, we will assist in the know-how of the procedure as well. The cost would be the application fees and labor costs.

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