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Career Fly Action Agenda

Fly Higher

Accepting mind.
By accepting things that we had never experienced before, we think we can create a wider and flatter field of view.

Pursuit of Uniqueness&beautifulness

To purse one of a kind.
Stick to uniqueness and beauty to create clarity and difference

Clear primary purpose

Clarify the original purpose. Persevering through each and every means to achieve the goal.

With a neutral perspective

Think from a flat perspective. To anyone, always for any matter in contact with a neutral posture and attitude.

We are hiring

Sales Position

Supporting Japanese companies to see the best international candidates “casually and easily”!

We provide consulting support from recruiting foreign nationals to promoting their success at your company. We draw up the employment needs of Japanese companies and propose the best ideas. We will provide solutions and know-how related to the recruitment of foreign nationals, and will be an important hub to support the smooth furtherance of employment of foreign national employees by companies.

Career Supporter

Full support for STEMinist who are considering to change jobs in Japan “casually and easily!”

We provide job-hunting support to international candidates who want to work in Japan.
We consistently carry out everything from considering what can be done to the job seekers to career counseling and employment to joining a company.


We are looking for marketers to help Career Fly to be globally recognized!

We are responsible to carry out marketing activities for two clients to contribute to profit.
We will strive for the best matching through domestic job-holding companies (BtoB marketing) and marketing approach to job seekers wishing to work in Japan (BtoC marketing).

Job Description

Employment typeFull time employee
(Contract type/ depending on preference of experience and skill)
LocationRemote or Headquarter in Tokyo, Minato ward, Akasaka 8-4-14 Aoyama tower place 8F
Work from home is recommended
Working hoursFlex System 10 AM-18PM
HolidaysWeekends, Public holidays
Salary3.0-5.0M Annually
※Incentive pay is implemented
AllowanceGolf allowance, homecoming allowance etc
InsuranceEmployment insurance, Society insurance, Welfare pension