▶︎ Job description
Talk to Designer and understand the requirements of the client.
Understand the outline of the product by designer
Discuss with the designer and give them a better idea from the point of AI engineer.
Design your task and code
Communicate with your team
A review will be done by QA engineer. After the test, if you need to fix bug or code, fix it.

The project is mostly short projects ( about 3~ 6 months ) . You can experience many industry and module.
The way of using AI is different per clients. You need to think about each clients requirements well.

AI engineer is now only one. You will be the second member.
You can work and create as you want. You have more responsibility than any where else.

If you are one who want to focus what you want to do as AI engineer, ZEPPELIN is the best place.

▶︎ Hiring Company Detail
We first started as a Design house, with the strongest team of UI/UX.
Now our clients needs are diversified. Not only design the UI/UX, now we develop backend engineering with AI functions.
Our clients are from different industries. Every time we face new challenge and project.
In the future, we will keep dishing and develop the system better with AI.
We are flexible. Along with clients needs and IT industry-changing, we will change our business. But we will remain the team with Creative and Technology lovers.

Client example: NTT Docomo, Lifenet insurance, OMRON, LAWSON, CANON, PANASONIC, SAMSUNG etc…

▶︎ Team detail
Very international development team

▶︎ Application requirement

・Understanding of NLP techniques
(knowledge of handcrafted algorithms is a plus, Japanese NLP understanding is a plus)
・Computer Vision (knowledge of handcrafted algorithms is a plus)
・Advanced in Python Programming Knowledge
・Experienced in scikit learn, scikit image, numpy, opencv, nltk, fasttext, gnism
・Deep Learning Framework (Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch)
・Experienced in cloud architecture
(Know how to train and deploy the model to the cloud such as AWS, Google Cloud, etc.,)
・Experienced in deploying the models to production for real time application.
・Experienced in solving the real-world project for Machine Learning, Deep Learning.
・Know how to architect, evaluate the Machine Learning Model for a specific problem and improve the model.
・Experienced in Sentiment Analysis.
・Experienced in Object Detection, Localization, Segmentation, Image Synthesising.
・Clearly understanding of the basic building blocks of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
(Mathematics formulae, building blocks of the advanced framework is a plus)


・Expert in C++.
・Backend skill with python (Flask, Django) is a plus.
・Experienced in SLAM technology.
・Ability to reproduce the concepts in the papers.
・Experienced in Recommender System.
・Experienced in Chatbot using “TRUE” AI.
・Experienced in architect and deploy the Machine Learning Model to mobile devices.
・Welcome if you have experience in voice technology with AI.
・Experienced in 3D technology.

▶︎Career Path
To be able to be a Technologist

▶︎Reason for hiring
To increase personnel for the purpose of business expansion

▶︎Foreign national
Yes, many international employees

▶︎VISA support

▶︎Selection process
CV screening →1st interview ( tech team and recruiter ) → 2nd interview ( growth hacker ) →last interview (CEO )

▶︎Preference(Agent Eyes)
The team is small but selected from all over the world. The engineering team is all non-Japanese and the common language is English.
Inside of office is rather quiet than laud. Because one the design discussion is done and engineers know what to do, they focus on their own task.
If you like that kind of environment, this is the one for you. Of course, when you have questions or something to discuss, everybody is open to talking!
Here, you can truly focus and do what you want to do as AI engineer.

▶︎Working hour   Using Flex Time System(Core time 10:00〜16:00)
Normal Working Hours : 8 hours per day”
・Saturday and Sunday
・National holidays
・Paid holidays
(Paid Holiday : Regarding to Japanese Labor Law. Up to 10 days for 1st year of working depending on entry month and so on)
・Summer and Winter holidays
・Other Special leaves

Annual Salary Scheme (paid monthly, divided by 12 months)
based on your skills and experience ( 6M ~ 8M JPY ) ”
・Various Social Insurance Equipping
・Regular Health Check-up
・Visa Support
・Compensation for Commute (Up to 25,000 JPY)
・Stock Option Program
・Crew Referral Program
・Welcome Lunch
・Drink Server (Coffee, water)

▶︎Dress Code

Feel free to contact us! You can get and know much detail for this position!

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