▶︎ Job description
You will be assigned to one of the team. The role will depend on your skill and the existed projects. The position role will be discussed in details through the interview.
If you want to have a casual meeting, we can do that. So first, please feel free to apply.

▶︎ Hiring Company Detail
ERP consulting company helps both inbound and outbound of the Japanese economy. Mainly the company helps Japanese company to expand business in other countries. SAP consulting with core modules( FI, CO, MM etc ) are the core business. The company has a strong connection with IBM and other consulting farms since the CEO is from IBM. This company’s core clients are one of the biggest Japanese companies.
Not only SAP but for the next step, to create a global ERP system. Using SAP is very expensive so small companies and venture companies cannot afford it. The owned system is made by SAP consultants. Much cheaper and suit to small size companies.

The differences between other SAP consultants are
1, have a branch company in 7 countries.
2, our consultants are international. We have consultants from all over the world. So wherever the clients have a branch or related company, we can take care of native language and good knowledge of the market.

▶︎ Team detail
1,Supply Chain Team
2,Accountant consulting Team
3,BI team

<project example>
SAP renewal of famous car maker to SAP 4/HANA
SAP renewal of a large health care company. Migration from ABAP to Java.
SAP new construction project.
Business trip to other countries.

*Mainly we handle from the plan to maintenance.

▶︎ Application requirement
– Experience related to SAP modules ( FI, CO, SD, MM )
– Coding skill (ABAP )
– Business level of English and Japanese

*The company will do CV screening by the balance of points below.
– Experienced period
– Technical skill level
– Knowledge level
– Each project situation

▶︎Career Path
To be able to be Project Manager/product manager/Full stack engineer

▶︎Reason for hiring
To increase personnel for the purpose of business expansion

▶︎Foreign national
Yes, many international employees

▶︎VISA support

▶︎Selection process
CV screening – ( casual interview ) – 1st interview – 2nd interview – offer

▶︎Preference(Agent Eyes)
To be able to work at an attractive global company, you will feel comfortable with the international team.

Working hours: 8 hours working time
Work Location: Clients location ( mostly around Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama )
Monthly salary: 5,0 ~ 9,0mJPY  *considerable based on the current salary
Coverage Health insurance, pension, employment insurance, catastrophe insurance
Other merits: build‐up savings, Defined Contribution, join to a member of benefit station

Feel free to contact us! You can get and know much detail for this position!

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