Today we, Career Fly team, went to the HR B2B service company “JoBins“ to understand the experience of two international engineers “How are their Career Fly in Japan”. Read on as two international engineers share their experience of working & living in Japan.

JoBins  Mr.Sajan Lamsal : Full stack engineer of JoBins.
He is good at Java. After experienced some company as an engineer in Nepal, he joined JoBins in May 2017. With Mr.Ashok, he made existing JoBins system from scratch and now is a lead engineer.

Mr.Ashok Gurung: Full stack engineer of JoBins. Good at PHP.
After experiencing some system company, with Mr.Sajan, joined JoBins in May 2017. Now he leads system renewal project.

We came here without no special passion for Japan but with so much passion for engineering

CareerFly interviewer (CF) : Thank you for your time today. So far how long it has been since you came to Japan?

Mr.Sajan(S) & Mr.Ashok(A): We both came here 2 years ago from Nepal. Before, we used to work together as a system engineer. One day we got an offer from JoBins and we decided to come.

CF: Wow, so you both wanted to come to Japan years ago?

S : Actually no. (laugh) I had some choices in Nepal, so coming to Japan was not my first choice. But after talking to CEO from JoBins, who took our interview, I was pretty sure that Japan had all the right opportunities. Also, my father supported me to make a decision. So I decided to come.

A : I didn’t have so much passion about coming to Japan either. I had some friends inviting me to Australia and working together. Fortunately, I got the opportunity of JoBins interview and I was convinced to pursue my career here.

CF: Then, since you didn’t have any interest in Japan not much, you didn’t study Japanese before you came?

S : I had little idea about Japanese when I came to Japan. In Nepal, Japan is very popular place to study, but I didn’t have so much interests in Japan. At first, I had to speak English very slowly with coworkers to communicate with. Now, I know more Japanese and we talk in both Japanese and English.

: Me either, I didn’t know Japanese well. Now we learn so much Japanese at work. We are planning to study Japanese further and take professional exams in the future.

When two of them got an offer in Nepal, with CEO(the man on the left) , Mr.Sajan and Mr.Ashok.

We took a risk in coming to Japan and it’s worth a lot

CF : Since “JoBins” is a system to help Japanese unique HR industry and recruiting system, wasn’t it difficult to understand the contents and product specification?

S : At the beginning, we two developed the existing system from scratch. We didn’t know how the Japanese recruitment worked so it was hard to make the system for the industry which was totally new for us.

CF: Yes Japanese HR industry is very unique and complicated. As a user of JoBins, I think the system is very user-friendly. How did you make such a good system without knowing about the industry well?

A : Thank you. We struggled and tried to understand. Also, our co-workers and CEO were very nice. They supported us a lot to understand the industry structure and how the product should have been.

CF : Nice team! So you took a risk to come to Japan without knowing the language nor system users. Do you think it’s worth taking this challenge?

S : Yes. In Nepal, I was just a member of the engineering team. But here in Japan, I am the lead engineer. I have more freedom to work & choose the stacks. I learn a lot here and get to witness new technologies.

A : I agree, too. I have the freedom to choose technologies and strategies on my own.
As long as our work in delivering on time, nobody questions us, which we like the most.

CF : You have more freedom as an engineer and you are enjoying your work! That is very nice. As you work hard, We imagine that you have a lot of overtime work, don’t you?

S: Yes. Being an engineer, I love challenges. Sometimes I forget about time when I am working on a specific problem and I end up working extra time. We get paid for overtime, so I don’t mind.

A: We don’t think of overtime as a bad term. We enjoy our work and JoBins culture. I’ve heard Japanese company force overtime work to an employee in Media. This at least doesn’t happen in JoBins.

CF : Wow, you two are a true engineer!

S : Yes, (laugh) I even develop new products & solve new problems at home! It keeps me motivated.

A : He is crazy. I go working out in the gym . ( laugh )

Career Fly in Japan is to make own product and my self better and better every day

CF : With your hard work and passion for engineering, what do you see your Career-Fly in Japan?

: I haven’t thought much about the future because still I have a lot to learn here & experience. I wish to be a better person and get much better at what I am doing currently.

: I also have no specific plans so far. I want to learn many more things in the coming years. I wish to help JoBins grow bigger and more successful.

CF : You are already succeeded in Japan and we are sure that you will succeed more and more. As engineers in Japan, could you share any suggestions and message for candidates who want their “career fly “in Japan?

S : Sharpen your skills & opportunities will present on their own. We didn’t have language skill but we had technical skill and passion for work. Please be professional in your field.

A : As our experience, it is very important to study the language before coming to Japan. That will help your life being better here. In addition, the most important thing is your positive mindset. You will face many challenges here but if you have the good mind, you will get over it.

CF: thank you so much for sharing your story and beneficial suggestions to candidates all over the world! Please enjoy your life in Osaka, Japan and keep your passion to CareerFly !

S : Yes, we enjoy here in Osaka with good food like Takoyaki (laugh)

During the interview, (on the upper right side) Mr.Sajan and Mr.Ashok

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