▶︎ Job description
Proud of being part of the best mobile web application specialist company!
Rapidly growing the businesses, Android/IOS engineers are seriously demanded.

▶︎ Hiring Company Detail
To make the clients earnings with mobile apps, we consult the plan and develop web sites. An Accelerating the growth, they have owned media called “itsumon” and e-commerce application development knowledge.
– The clients are mainly the best largest companies, including Japan Air Line.
– Apart from the clients work, they have owned mobile apps, including e-books, and games.

*Selected for best venturer 100 !!
The award is given for a venture company which has grown fast.

▶︎ Member
Work for the team spirit is necessary to this company. Each engineer takes responsibility for working to some different projects. Currently, the company gets so many job offers and needed more engineers to proceed with the entire offers willingly. Hiring new engineers mean to be able to focus on keeping and improving qualities and get bigger projects.
It’d be very appreciated if a very skilled person joins. Now if you’ve got some knowledge of Android or iOS apps development, it’d be fine. The team will pass you from small task. You can focus on your job and when you get used to it, you’ll be able to challenge more difficult task.
Eventually, you are expected to be Android or iOS specialist, or both. When your Japanese improved, you’d be Project Leader and consult clients.

Diversity environment
Cultural diversity is so attracted to especially international ppl. The Varieties of gender and nationalities is mixed up. (Engineers from Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea ) Accelerating to recruit ppl from other countries is the one of recruitment strategy.

▶︎ Job description
*To start …..
Understand Client needs, the industry as well
Work in the team
Communicate with the team and exchange ideas
Understand what your leader wants to do as well as you could understand
Code following the design with Java or Swift ( depends on the skill, the project will be changed )

*Eventually expected to …
Understand the server side tasks, the knowledge. Then develop both frontside and backside.
Design the system
Attend the meeting with clients and propose your idea.
Manage members
Teach members technical skills
Communicate with the sales team and support team to improve the system

<Training >
– The tech lead will give you training at work.

▶︎ Application requirement
-Development experience of iOS or Android application ( self project experience is included )
-Verbal Communication skill in Japanese
-Working experience in a team

▶︎Career Path
To be able to be Project Manager/product manager/Full stack engineer

▶︎Reason for hiring
To increase personnel for the purpose of business expansion

▶︎Foreign national
Yes, many international employees(from Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea)

▶︎VISA support

▶︎Selection process
Document screening →1st interview → Final interview →Offer

▶︎Preference(Agent Eyes)
3 non-Japanese engineers existed there. They will follow you up. The atmosphere of the company is very flexible and friendly. You will feel comfortable to be part of them and stay there. The location is Ikebukuro, where many anime shops also located.

Working hours : 10:00~19:00(8 hours)
Monthly salary: 400,000 ~ 500,000 yen (45h over work fee is included )
                             *the salary will increase till around 8M to more
Coverage Health insurance, pension, employment insurance, catastrophe insurance
Other merits: Transportation expenses ( Max 25,000 yen/ month )、company trip, club activities
House allowance (10,000 yen /month. If you live in 2 stations from Ikebukuro, another 5,000 yen)
Keep working allowance, postage allowance, etc….

Feel free to contact us! You can get and know much detail for this position!

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