▶︎ Job description
This company main product is RCMS (web site development platform), smart device, AI and so on. They are improving the products more useful, the newest ones such as the cutting edge technology. For the procedures, UI/UX Engineer is WANTED and NEEDED!

▶︎ Hiring Company Detail
This company’s name(still unrevealed) is coming from the Portuguese word means “ Fun and Joy”. They’ve developed the services and products which has been demanded by society.  There is an obvious thing they will keep going on being the provider according to the demands of every single stakeholder.

▶︎ Member
IT engineer team is structured by international employees. Most of them are from abroad, non-Japanese included. The company supports ppl from abroad aggressively. The hiring measurement is the only “Tech skills”  the CEO clarifies saying it.

▶︎ Job description
You will be responsible for designing the following services,
・Domestic CMS(Contents Management System) pioneer「RCMS」
・New service with RCMS as the platform
・Development of voice memo device that uses voice recognition
・Development of high functioning security card
・Conductor analysis of real stores that has analyzed the camera images of stores (established subsidiary)
・Automated diagnosis assistant software that uses medical imaging (national university and technical school)

▶︎ Application requirement
・UI /UX design and engineering experience using HTML, CSS,JavaScript
・Willing to participate as an intern for 1 week
・Business English

〈Preffered skills〉
・People graduated from a prestigious institution
・Japanese conversational level

▶︎Career Path
To be able to be Project Manager/product manager

▶︎Reason for hiring
To increase personnel for the purpose of business expansion

▶︎Foreign national
Yes, many international employees

▶︎VISA support

▶︎Selection process
Screening 1st interview programming test Internship offer

▶︎Preference(Agent Eyes)
Use top service in the industry Service is evolving via the introduction of AI CEO is a technician, To be able to stay involved in the company’s service Carried by AI Get involved with the latest technology.

Working hours: Flex time *core time – 12:00 ~16:00
Monthly salary: 400,000 ~ 600,000 yen
Coverage Health insurance, pension, employment insurance, catastrophe insurance
Other merits: Tech skill in-house seminar attend(once a month)  Transportation allowance

Feel free to contact us! You can get and know much detail for this position!

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