▶︎ Job description
Since this company got investment by LINE corporate, has been trying to replace the existing system (.net) to LINE platform (Ruby on Rails).  For this procedure, they need some engineers who are able to migrate to the system. Do not need to use both languages if you are open to learn new languages. Besides, they are developing new functions on it and keeping the product better. After release on the LINE’s platform, they will establish other new product too.

▶︎ Hiring Company Detail
<Make travel easier and better >
They established 3 main products to make the travel easier and better
– “ LINE Travel “, “Trip 101”, “All stay”.
Since they have received investment by LINE corporate, the business is accelerating the faster.

▶︎ Member
Everyone has specialties and venture spirit.
– think logical, communicate with an open mind and develop the best product in the world

▶︎ Job description
* tasks
– System migration from ASP.net to Ruby on Rails.
– Work on the team
– Being responsible for your own part in development.
– Develop new API with LINE platform, after getting used to with your tasks
– Work with other division as customer support and sales.

* system environment
(back end )Ruby/ASP/React.js/Node.js/SQLServer/MySQL
(front end) HTML/CSS/JavaScript

*Team environment
Server-side team/ 15 ppl. One leader, one team
Attend meetings frequently and everyone gives opinion there

3 non-japanese engineers are playing active parts within women engineers enrolled.

▶︎ Application requirement
-Web application development experience with Ruby or ASP.net.
-Experience with RDB.
-Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript
-Business Japanese (N2 level of conversation )
-Working or living experience in Japan

<Preffered conditions>
-web API development
-DB design
-Team lead or Project lead experience
-SEO measures

▶︎Career Path
To be able to be Project Manager/product manager/Full stack engineer

▶︎Reason for hiring
To increase personnel for the purpose of business expansion

▶︎Foreign national
Yes, 3 of them are from abroad. (Vietnam, Philippines, China)

▶︎VISA support

▶︎Selection process
Screening →1st interview →Last interview →offer

▶︎Preference(Agent Eyes)
Under the capitalized by LINE corporate, this company is accelerating very much. If you like to travel or making some applications to consumers, this is a good company to build your career! Now the team is composed of senior engineers. You will be able to focus on your job and making the application better.

Working hours : 09:30 ~ 18:30 *flex-time working is available
Monthly salary: 400,000 ~ 600,000 yen ( 30h over work pay is included )
Coverage Health insurance, pension, employment insurance, catastrophe insurance
Other merits: Medical Checkup, language study subsidy, meetup lunch, employee trip, etc…

Feel free to contact us! You can get and know much detail for this position!

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