▶︎ Job description
The main product “ACCESS TRADE “ for oversea market was released in 2013. Today the company has been the market leader specially in Vietnam , Thailand and Indonesia. Java Engineer is seriously needed to join to the more sophisticated system upgrades.

▶︎ Hiring Company Detail
The company is the biggest affiliate platform service and consulting providers in Japan. With our knowledge of affiliate for more than 20 years and high technical skill, our platform is now used not only Japan but also south Asia. The company has got business alliance with one of the best affiliate platform in the world ,” CJ Affiliate” since 2017. Growing faster the business from Asia to the world.
Another service, owned media provides an useful and informative contents to mothers. The strategic activity is aim to make the great community construct.
<The reason focus on the global market>
Asia’s affiliate market is still developing. By 2050, the half of world GDP will be made in ASIA market. To aim of taking the leadership in the internet market is challenging to be the Pioneer company.

▶︎ Member
90 members in the division and 15 of us are engineer. Our branches has strong sales members. The main place for system development is in TOKYO. The engineer team has the great cultural diversity ( ppl from India, Vietnam , Philippines, Hungary , China, Korea, Japan ) In the communication is English and Japanese. The team has grateful the company style work-life  balance which is improved by Most of the engineers over work time is 10h/ month. ( the average of this industry is 30h/ month) Acceptable on flex time working as well. Some engineers go to study seminar to improve their skills in their free time.

▶︎ Job description
-To learn about ACCESS TRADE’ system itself.
-To start from possible tasks . Eventually, to be given more challengeable tasks.
-To brainstorm your idea to contribute the company.
-Programing and testing will be the fist job. Later, learn how to design the APIs and new functions. In future reference, to be project manager is possible career path.

◆Development environment
PC:Windows 10、Mac
language:Java 8 Angular 2
Library :Spring Guice Gson MyBatis Jongo Junit Mockito Maven DB:Oracle MongoDB DynamoDB
CI tool :Jenkins
Cloud service :AWS MongoDB Atlas
Project Management:GitHub Zube FreshDesk
Communication :Slack

▶︎ Application requirement
・More than 1 year of Java experience
・Business English
・Conversational Japanese
*Since the company has been willing to join the new engineer as soon as possible, prefers someone who already has working VISA.
【Preferred experience 】
・Cloud experience like AWS
・experience of test automation
・experience of code review
・CI tool experience like Jenkins
・Scrum or Kanban

▶︎Career Path
To be able to be Project Manager/product manager/Full stack engineer

▶︎Reason for hiring
To increase personnel for the purpose of business expansion

▶︎Foreign national
Yes, many international employees(from India, Vietnam , Philippines, Hungary , China, Korea, Japan)

▶︎VISA support

▶︎Selection process
Screening- 1st interview – last interview – offer

▶︎Preference(Agent Eyes)
The company is very good at talent management. To be able to build your dream career through the discussing with your manager. Rich diversity environment is highly recommended. To be able to improve the engineering skills.

Working hours : Flex time *core time – 10:30 ~16:30
For testing period (the first 3 months ) 10:30~19:30
*The first 3 days 9:30~16:30
Monthly salary: 400,000 ~ 600,000 yen
Coverage Health insurance, pension, employment insurance, catastrophe insurance
Other merits: Meetings with CXOs, MVP award , free massage room, support system for parents, free cafeteria , club activity, communication lunch

Feel free to contact us! You can get and know much detail for this position!

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