Their Motto is “To make it possible to communicate with machines as part of our everyday lives.” Speech recognition solutions are established by a top leader of this company. An original product is oriented in Asia(China, Hongkong and Taiwan).

An expansion of their sales profit to abroad is the main strategy. Rapidly global product team needs to hire excellent and experienced engineers.

■Product details
· Solution Support Business plans, designs and develops speech recognition solutions.
· Product Business offers application licenses.
· Service Business offers own services to enterprise users and general consumers.

Programming language: Windows、IIS、SQLServer、.Net、C# Linux、Apache、MySQL、PostgreSQL、Python、PHP、Java、C++ Android Java、iOS(Objective-C、Swift) AWS、Azure

-Programming experiences by using C++、C#、Java、Python、PHP (At least 3yrs)
-General communication skill
-Business Japanese and Chinese must be required(Conversational English is preferred)

■Career Path
New product development by new technologies. Being an expert development engineer is commonly employees goes to. If you will to take another way, there are many possibilities by consulting with the company.

■Offered conditions
・salary range 4.5-8.0M/annual
・Location in center of Tokyo(Ikebukuro)
・regular employee

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries! We are capable to give you much detail.

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