Since establishing this company, keeps growing 175%~350% up profits every year. This company needs additional members to create an innovative & big impact to the market.

Now the company is developing a new function that can control Human Resources.
They are looking for more engineers to make the better system with them.

■Product details
Programming language: PHP、Laravel、Vue.js、AWS for development.
Tool: Slack、GitHub、Office365、G Suite、Dropbox

-Develop, test and operate the TV analyzing own service
-Design a new system together
-Develop a system for own company to make the work easier

■Career Path
Team members are from different countries and different industries. You’d use multi-languages to improve. Through the experience of coding, you’d have many choices to Design or being PM/consultant.

■Offered conditions
・salary range 5.0-8.0M/annual
・Location in center of Tokyo(Akasaka)
・regular employee

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries! We are capable to give much detail.

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