2 talented engineers and some partner engineers are working on E-learning web application.
Their application is very functional and they get inquiries more than they can manage.
Now they need a PHP programmer for this small but selected team.

If you join the company, your main role will be programming as a first requirement.
This company let you set-up the application to the client environment. Sometimes you’re needed to be onsite for contributing their clients.

[What You Get]
After you get used to the programming for the e-Learning application,
you participate in meetings with clients to design the system. Besides, you would have an opportunity to control vendor companies.

The most interesting point is that this e-Learning system doesn’t limit the industry. So there would be an opportunity to work with several industries.
ex) large HR company, University, public office…. so on.

■Product details
B to B business: E-Learning solution provided
developing E-Learning System

Who satisfies the following
・PHP development experience with framework

■Preferred conditions
・Calm and stable humanities
・humble(not so too humble, respect people as a human being. )
・Having desire to learn and improve higher than now

■Offered conditions
・salary range 4.0-5.5M/annual
・Location in center of Tokyo
・regular employee

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries! We are capable to give much detail.

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