As an application engineer that seeks to strengthen HR-Tech for the company’s internal venture, we give you a wide range of responsibilities from technical decision making, programming and company operations. As there are still only 10 engineers in this venture organization, you can advance your engineering skill in a challenging environment.

A Company is an internal venture that seeks to become number one in the area of “HRxTechnology”. We first came to be in 2010 and realized the growth of “Own product”, a personnel management platform that already boasted the greatest introduction number of shares in the industry, and we plan to develop new services for business scaling. We can completely focus on the company product, from the planning stage to growth hack on services and functions, and realize them.
*ask us company name. We will tell you directly.

■Product details
・Development language: Ruby(Ruby on Rails)
・DB: Amazon Aurora(MySQL)

New service
・development language: golang
・DB: Amazon Aurora(MySQL), Redis, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, etc. infrastructure
・AWS, Docker, Terraform

Who satisfies the following
・3 years experience in Web service/system development

■Preferred conditions
・Those with a wide range of knowledge from apps to infrastructures.
・Those who want to think from the planning stage, and not just build on something somebody else decided on
・Those who are tuned into new technologies
・Knowledge relating to front end Web technology
・Experience in managing engineer team

■Offered conditions
・salary range 4.5-5.5M/annual
・Location in center of Tokyo
・regular employee

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries! We are capable to give much detail.

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