[Overview] Job Post 2 Stationed work at company.

Personnel needed for global expansion of Internet gateway system

・Experience as project manager, project leader
・Someone who is able to proactively advance work, such as WBS or project management

[Job detail and required skills]
・Conference group organizing with domestic vendor, PJ affiliates, client IT supervisor
・Facilitator for conference group (management, communication skills, English skills necessary)
・Layout advancement as (able to grasp the technology and skilled enough to direct the vendor)
・Work management as sub PM (schedule, work, risk management, etc.)
・Possession of knowledge to discuss layout content related to Internet gateway (Proxy, FW, load balancing, DNS, RADIUS, etc.), plus layout experience and operation experience preferred
・English (reading and writing ability is a mus. Conversational level is preferred)

Number of personnel 1~2 people
Location Kansai
Period June 2018~April 2019 (1 month trial period, 3 months contract renewal)
Work hours 9:00~17:30
Regions involved JP, APAC, USA, Europe
Business trips Possibility of business trips to main locations
Language Reading and writing a must. Conversational level preferred.

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