[From start to finish] Planning, development, operation of company software that links together clients and business.

“New style of consulting” that brings together 3 business domains, contributing to business with actual results

Going beyond the usual service areas of consulting firms, we support our client’s business growth as a next generation total solution firm through, not only setting up operations and marketing strategies, but also in designing and constructing a system that carries them out, and by a complete service that gets involved in actual business. Last year we were listed on Mothers, and in the beginning of this year, we brought an IT company with an established reputation to consolidate, establishing a holding company to accelerate growth for the whole group. Furthermore, we’re focusing on development overseas as well, as we create offices in Silicon Valley (USA) for technological research base, or more closeby in Bangkok (Thailand) for operational base.

– Business Content
Coding our client’s “success” through understanding the essence of the matter and realizing the best solution.
Not through offering a system, but through offering IT solutions we realize business strategies and innovation for our client companies. This is the goal of our company’s engineers. Our company’s engineers therefore participate in projects from an early consulting phase, from business strategizing to execution plans, and come up with solutions pertaining to the field of IT. We then oversee everything from designing, development, to releases, uncovering solutions suited to our client needs.
We completely supervise each technical issue involved in IT consulting, development, to operation, without dividing into phases. As we are here to participate from the beginning stages of a project with 100% prime proposals, we directly take on our client’s issues, and upon release of a system we will be present where the users will be and directly receive feedback for the products you develop.

▶︎Employment status  Full time employee
▶︎Salary Undisclosed
Preferential treatment according to company policy depending on experience and skills
▶︎Location  Tokyo
▶︎Job type/Hiring position   Application Engineer
▶︎Required skill and experience
Development experience with SI(System Integrator Test) or at product development sites
3 years and above, development experience for Web based business system Experienced in development, maintenance beyond basic design or requirements

<Any of the languages below> *Don’t need to have while languages experience.
Programming language:Java、PHP、Ruby、Python
Web technology:HTML/CSS、javascript、jQuery、Angular database:Oracle、PostgreSQL、SQLServer

More than N2- Japanese level

▶︎Required Humanity
■Curiosity and inquisitiveness regarding work as a whole.
■Curiosity and inquisitiveness in not only technical fields, but regarding business content of clients, and in people, groups, information related to work.
■Someone who proactively thinks about the client and finds solutions and develops on technology for the client
■Someone who proactively solves problems for client’s business, uncovers the best possible solution

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