Isuzu Co., Ltd has represented Truck Manufacturing company in Japan. They are proud of opening ” ISUZU PLAZA” aiming to CSR. I heard ISUZU PLAZA is now a symbol of showing what they’ve done, do and will do own businesses.

I visited ISUZU PLAZA last week to see how the place is.
Showing a couple of photos below,

This is a reception. You need to tell a receptionist “confirmation number” for quick and smooth your entrance.

 *Look at their red LOGO. Can you see it anything like?

ISUZU manufactured this car as a FIRST PRODUCT.
Don’t miss historical info are illustrated on the wall.

First ISUZU corporate symbol. Stunning! Compare to the current modern symbol below.

There are many trucks to be shown how hard and honor their work for in their history.

How big those engines are!!

They manufacture SUV car! Awesome! They sell it all over the world excepted Japan and the US. That’s Unfortunate.

Electric wall. Pretty cool!

This is main content in ISUZU PLAZA. You can absolutely enjoy this diorama you can see only one real running a car diorama in the world.

The diorama show time is for 15minutes each an hours. You should see this amazing content.

Children are entertained on the second floor. I recommend coming to this place for family with young kids.

A future car! They make a bright future for next generation.

At Cafe.

Pls visit their website here,
You should go there when you have a chance!

受付時間:火~金曜日 (土曜・祝日・休館日を除く)