“Support women from abroad looking to work in Japan”

Wanted! Second founding member! Welcoming people who are thinking of eventually starting their own business and wish to become a business executive now!

CareerFly is the first and only domestic “human resources recruitment agency for women from abroad”. We aim to “create a corporate culture with diversity”, as we match women of foreign nationality with businesses.

We offer human resources recruitment service, connecting women from abroad with businesses, to give birth to “diversity” in a corporate culture where “differences are the norm”. Through matching women from abroad (women of foreign nationality) with businesses fostering a culture of diversity, we work to be a part of that fostering of a new culture of diversity. Our joy is in realizing women from abroad and businesses see their “Career Fly”. We work to help give birth to a new Japan where innumerable “Career Fly” of businesses sprout up, flower, and embellish Japan.

“I want to work in Japan!” “I want to live in Japan!”
We are looking for a career consultant who will help foreign women that love Japan work here. Come develop along with our company as a career consultant who will give assist women from abroad and help them find employment.
It is our job to communicate directly with each woman, who might be living in different countries around the world or in Japan, helping them realize their Career Fly (advancing their careers), and supporting their employment process! Furthermore, understanding the human resources needs of a business is also part of the main task as a business consultant. Together with our clients we focus on and find solutions to why personnel is needed, what their aims are, and what they want to accomplish by recruiting new personnel.

▶︎ Employment Status Full Time Employee
【Application Requirements】 Human Resources Consultant
【Desired Personality】
Person who enjoys working and will work to expand Career Fly’s business together.
Person who can understand the purpose and goals of the company and figure out how to achieve them.
Person who can take off their rose-colored glasses and see everything factually.
Person who can figure out how to contribute to whomever they are interacting with.
Person who enjoys building and utilizing social networks.
Person who constantly tries to figure out the purpose of a job and how to advance it.

【Job Description】
The work involves understanding the needs of women from abroad and matching them with companies.
(Employment support for women from abroad)
• Finding women from abroad (reaching out through web/SNS)
• Counselling applicants
• Introducing appropriate companies to applicants
• Arranging interviews~conditions negotiation, etc.
Furthermore, interacting with introduced companies and marketing activities will be required as well.
(Employment support for new and existing companies)
• Understanding the client’s overview, corporate style, business strategy, hiring conditions.
• Scouting.
• Introducing companies and recommending personnel that match up with the corporate culture and conditions.
• Arranging interviews~conditions negotiation, etc.

【Applicant Requirements】
Person interested in human resources service
Person who want to become a business executive immediately
Age 22~34 (Skills and the transmission of knowledge are valued . Therefore, individuals within a certain age range in order to maintain a proper mix of ages are sought).
Industry and job experience unnecessary
Human resources industry experience preferred.
Japanese N2 and above
English required

Work hours 7~8 hours (flexible)
Work location Home or Harajuku office (from March 2018)

▶︎ Holidays
Note: 9~10 days holiday per month
♦ Annual paid leave
♦ Congratulatory holiday
♦ Special holiday
♦ Family courtesy holiday

▶︎ Salary
previous work considered
Commission system
Employment benefits
♦ Social insurance
♦ Transportation fee covered
♦ Incentive system

▶︎ Note
We keep a casual and friendly corporate culture similar to startups. We serve women from abroad. The work will suit those who can understand what women need. Working here will be perfect for those who love to challenge and take the initiative to do business.

▶︎ Interview process
Interview will be held by the CEO