▶︎Job Category Sales

▶︎Job Description
Making proposals on IT personnel solutions for businesses. Interviewing and selecting applicants, enquiring on the various personnel issues that major companies face (in case of overseas these will be Japanese companies), and creating proposals and policies for resolving various issues.

Creating a win-win match for both on the company side and the applicants, through conducting interviews and recruitment of applicants.

You will be fully supported by our company through our education and training, and qualification license acquisition support system.”

▶︎Job Requirements
• No previous experience in the industry or education required
• Currently unemployed recent graduates with work experience and 2017 graduates, welcome
• JLPT N2 or above required for foreign nationals. English fluency preferred. Those with experience in the temporary staffing industry preferred.

▶︎Location Aoyama Headquarters (Akasaka, Minato Ward)
ISFnet Inc. Head Office
Oak Akasaka Building 3F 7-1-16, Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan 107-0052
[Nearest Station]
Headquarters: 6 min. walk from Exit 4 in Aoyama-Itchome Sta. by subway

”alternative routes available depending on departure location”

▶︎Working Hours 9:00~18:00/8 work hrs.
◎No overtime day implemented

▶︎Salary [Experienced Workers]
Salary JPY 229K~449K

▶︎Employee Benefits
• Qualification license acquisition support system, support meetings
• Company iPhone,
• Employee discounts, in-house sales
• Job position candidacy system
• CDP (internal recruitment) system
• Overseas work, President’s Award
• Cafeteria plan (discounted affiliate products available)
• Defined contribution pension system (401k)
• Childcare, nursing care, maternity leave
• Childcare, nursing care short-time work
• Smile Mutual Benefits Association
• No overtime day implemented
• We are signed up with the Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Union, and have available access to corporate discounts to sport clubs and recreational facilities, and exclusive access to Tokyo Disney Resort (once a year).”

▶︎Holidays “2 day weekly holiday (7~9 days/month), New Year’s holiday, paid holiday, special occasions holiday, wedding holiday, nursing care holiday, childcare holiday, emergency leave,
※ 120 days off a year (based on 2016)
※ May vary depending on location (i.e., work schedule, shift system, etc.)”

▶︎Job Training
■ New recruits training for currently unemployed recent graduates with work experience and those without experience in the industry. Mid-career recruits to take part in new recruits training, based on experience, as well. You will be educated in the fundamentals in the IT industry, especially focusing on business manners and network, making sure that you will have a smooth start in the industry even if you are inexperienced.
■ Solid educational and training system
ISFnet believes that “personal character” is of utmost importance while working in the IT industry. We will support you in your personal growth as a person and a member of society. From lectures on business manners to OJT follow-ups, our job training system caters to each individual’s level.