Are you interested in working at a fashion brand store in Japan?

Here is information about a store staff job at a new brand, “ELEDEEK”

This brand was established by Ms. Watanabe in 2016.
Ms. Watanabe had been a top designer at “MERCURYDUO”.
Their elegant and cute style is very popular among young Japanese girls.

Through this experience, Ms.Watanabe created a new style.
Simple but elegant, cute and cool.
This style transforms young girls into women.

This brand is still new but already had opened stores in
central locations in Tokyo, such as Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Now they need more store staff to spared this new style.

If you…

/Have sales experience
/Like fashion and clothes (especially Japanese style)
/Like to make a store and the brand bigger
/Like to communicate with people
/Are positive and have a good smile.


A young woman in a red blouse smiling broadly

Where you would work is visited by many tourists from all over the world.
So if you can speak English, the working environment will be ideal.

This brand is new, so the posts are open.
You will be expected to become a store manager in the near future.

You can experience not only working in Japan, but also
management of the store to help the brand grow bigger.

If you are interested in this job,  please contact us at “Careerfly”.

more job information below




・Shinjuku, Tokyo

◆Emplyment Type

・Full time (Five-day work week)

or Part-time
*Trial period 3 months

*8 hours work, 1.5h rest time(shift system)

◆Off day

・105days off in a year
・8 to 10 days in a month


*negotiable with your skill and experience

◆Required Technical and Professional Experience

・Any sales experience (more than one year)

◆Preffered Technical and Professional Experiences

・English speakers preferred

◆Company Benefits

・Commuting cost
・opportunity for salary raise (twice a year)
・Social Insurance provided
・Overtime pay

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