Do you want to live in Japan?
Do you need a job and a visa?

Then this job information might help you out.

Because the only thing that you need to get
this job and a visa in Japan is “your motivation”

Furthermore, not only the job and a visa, but also
you can get sales and Japanese skill.

Here we introduce you a company called “FASTCODING”.

Today, web site making companies are more needed in the world as well as
in Japan.

“FASTCODING” is an unique WEB site making company.

“FASTCODING” can make WEB site faster than other companies in terms of undertaking its consultation to investment.
Then, Clients can relax and leave their web sites with it.

Now “FASTCODING” is seeking a sales staff
who can bring some WEB sites making projects for the company.

The person we would like…
◆Likes Japan and has the motivation to live in Japan
◆Independent or wants to be independent
◆Once decides to do something, always accomplish it
◆Happy and cheerful
◆Wants to start a business one day

You don’t need to have sales experience.
Only you need are “toughness” and “motivation”.

If you are not comfortable with business in Japanese, DON’T WORRY!!
You can apply with Japanese skill Level N3.
You will get used to business in Japanese while working in “FASTCODE”.

The sales team is composed of people from all over the world.
For example, Turkey, France, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, and Mongolia.

They have different backgrounds, but they are getting along very well and supporting each other.

The sales is not an easy job.
However, if you can keep motivate yourself,
you can be able to become independent to live in Japan.

The working style is completely free.
You can work anywhere and anytime only if you can achieve a  goal you have to reach.

To start your career, please challenge to make \200,000 sales. (approximately 1 or 2 project orders)
If you can achieve it, you have right to be a regular employee.

Even if you cannot achieve the goal, the company evaluates your process to achieve it.

Now, are you interested in the job?
Please contact us “Careerfly” freely to get more information.





◆Job Category

Sales Staff

◆Employment Type

Full time (Five-day work week)
*First 1 month only contract employee



*negotiable with your skill and experience

◆Required Technical and Professional Experience
・JLPT (N3) or equivalent level
・English communication skill

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