Xmas is the biggest event for you??
Is this a first time to spend Christmas season in Japan?
Let you clear about how to spend this season like a Japanese!

1  Hang out with your friends
Recently Young generation go out with friends on Christmas day.  Dating with boyfriend/girlfriend has been a common habit here. But it’s changing now. They spend together to have a group party such as a drinking, going to Karaoke and IENOMI(to have a dinner group of friends at someone’s house). Those ways are not so gorgeous than for past generations. However,  it becomes such a modern. If you have a Xmas party with many friends who are from different countries, it’s definitely great!!  You would enjoy all world Xmas culture.

2  Family Christmas
Of course, it’s a good opportunity to union family on Christmas day. But the way is not so common in Japan. Union Family on New Year day is common here. Some people do. For example, if young couples have a child, they would have nice Christmas party for their child. When family together on Christmas day, we celebrate it with fancy foods(recently eating chicken is popular), Christmas cake and Christmas ornaments. Surely never forget Christmas gift!! (Daddy or Mammy become Santa!Keep secret to kid) Family Christmas is so nice to the family here.

3  Have a great Christmas night with boyfriend/girlfriend
For me, this sense is very common! haha (for 30’s) In 1980 which was the bubble economy period, most people spend their boyfriend/girlfriend. There is a metaphor for a lonely woman on Christmas day.
” You are an unsold Christmas cake. ”
When women spend lonely on the day, They call that. Don’t have a boyfriend is like the unsold Christmas cake. For men, I’m not sure. I guess that man seriously tried to make a girlfriend until the day for their pride.
Anyway, for nice couple, there are beautiful places to visit below,
・Roppongi Midtown
・Roppongi Hills
・Omotesando area

You can enjoy seeing the best illumination in the places.
Unfortunately,  there is a crowd of people. If you can be patient with it, you should go there! Or you stay at home. You aren’t the unsold Christmas cake.

Enjoy your Christmas day on your own joyful way!

Provided by キャリアフライ