What if you only spoke your mother language in Japan?
It would make it very difficult to live here.

Today we will teach you how to improve your Japanese.


Tip 1  Say hello to local Japanese people without fear


Please do not be afraid to say hello to anybody in Japanese. For example, people who are college classmates, neighbors, or whoever is next to you!

If you are afraid of speaking first to them, just take a breath for a second, smile, bring up them interests, and then start a conversation.


Tip 2  Find local community


There are many communities in each town. You could find some information from the web, local board,  and your neighbors. There are local activities that are a seasonal events. For example, cherry blossom festivals, or summer carnivals.You could enjoy those events as a guest. You also can join the community as a member. They welcome newcomers who fit in to their community.

Some of them might not be very welcome to newcomers, because local communities are as always narrow societies. However, this kind of attitude is slowly changing with the young generation.


Tip 3 Create an output environment


Sitting on a chair and in front of a desk alone is OK for the input of Japanese words, or for grammar and such knowledge.It’s necessary to improve. However, perhaps you should create an opportunity in which you can have a conversation with someone in Japanese. ” Someone ” would be a local person, but it’s fine whomever you talk with, as long as you use Japanese.


Tip 4  Search for Japanese schools properly
You can search for Japanese language schools on the web. There is a lot of information such as price, location, who is teaching, and program details. We recommend checking out each schools reputation with graduates. This can help you decide which school.
You also can search for study abroad agencies in Japan. They give you advice about which school is the best for you.Please find them, then contact them.


We hope your Japanese improves eventually! Don’t be nervous.
Please enjoy studying!

Provided by キャリアフライ