Do you plan to work in Japan?
If you say “Yes!” , you should read this article immediately.
You can get information on how to find the job in Japan.

Step 1 [ Find a recruiting site as much as you can ]

You google recruitment sites on the web, by searching  ” find a job in Japan, job for global job seekers “. It’ll show many sites.
Those company sites are quite popular and are the biggest ones in Japan.

・Recruit Agent *only Japanese
・Bilingual Recruitment Solutions by Persol

The other company sites are,



Those sites are used by much more people from the other countries.
You should search out whatever you feel useful and helpful to you.

Step 2 [ Contact Japanese agency ]

There are many agencies for finding your job here.
Firstly, you should look for them on the web. Google ” recruitment agency in Japan ”  or ” job agency for foreigners “. Check their site then if you feel friendly them, contact them directly by using the contact form or e-mailing them. If you get an answer from them within 6hrs, you can trust them as your recruitment agency. You then can make an appointment with them to consult with them.
It might be an advantage there are consultants who can understand your language or your culture. However, to be honest there aren’t enough here right now. So it’s much better finding out career consultants who have a warm heart and are supportive.
* We can not suggest which agencies are the best. You contact us first!

Step 3 [ Ask a role model ]

Ask around like your friends or college students!
They may be the one who has lived or worked in Japan. If so, you can ask them which agency is the best or how to find a job. They should have enough advice and original stories. You can get real informative information from them.

Please try Step1-3, if you’d really like to find a job in Japan.
Otherwise, we will support you as much as we can.
Please contact us!

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