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キャリアフライは、「違いを、当たり前にする」 を実現するHRエージェンシーです。違いを生み出すことができる海外女子の就業支援サービス、 海外女子の人材紹介サービスを提供しています。

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Wanna work in Japan? Wanna accelerate your corporate diversity?
Let us help you.


We help your career fly in Japan.

1_Online Interview

No matter where you live, we can always communicate online. To make sure you get a job in Japan, we conduct an interview and understand you deeply. Tell us everything. We are here to support you.

2_Language Study Support

In order to prepare for the JLPT test, we provide you with online courses for your language level. We also provide level check test for you. Please contact us for details:

3_Introduce Positions

Based on your preferences and skills, we introduce ideal positions for you. We are mainly introducing positions of IT Engineer, HR, and Global Sales. You can apply while being in your country.

4_Life Support

Even after you get a job in Japan, we support you with starting your life in Japan. From the visa application to 1) renting an apartment, to 2) getting a phone and to 3) getting a credit card.